Polyurethane coating of “sandwich” type, flexible, seamless, water impermeable, two-layer, anti-slide, resistant to spikes, installed “in situ” (directly at the construction site).

Total thickness of surface: 13 mm
The colour of surface at customer`s request.


  • athletics tracks (recommended)
  • multi-purpose sports fields (optional)
  • outdoor sports venues and recreational centers

The surface meets:

  • technical parameters according to PN-EN 14877:20014 standard
  • IAAF certificate number S-09-0097
  • technical recommendation RT ITB-1163/2011
  • hygienic attestation of the National Institute of Hygiene
  • tests on contents of trace elements of heavy metals
  ComponentsTheoretical consumptionLayer thickness
PRIMING LAYERPrimerTetrapur 25 concrete

Tetrapur 25 A sphaltic conrete
0,2 kg/m2

0,2 kg/m2
RUBBER MATSBR Rubber matTetrapur 154

Granules SBR 1 - 3,5 mm lub 1 - 4 mm
1,45 kg/m2

7 kg/m2
10 mm
SEALING COATBonding fillerTetrapur 1101,5 kg/m2-
TOP WEARING LAYERSurfacing coatTetrapur 136

Ggranules EPDM 1 - 3,5 mm
2,3 kg/m2

2,8 kg/m2
3 mm
CLOSING LAYERClosing lacquer*

Line paint
Tetrapur 90

Tetrapur 91
0,25 - 0,3 kg/m2

0,02 - 0,03 kg/rm

* as an option, to prevent the surface from abrasion and UV radiation, it is recommended to spray it twice with the PU lacquer

NOTE: for installing the surfaces in UV sensitive colours like grey, blue, beige, violet etc. it is recommended to apply the UV stable binders at the top layer to avoid the change of colour tint.